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AboutThe necessity for an mishap advocate can please anyone off convoy and out of the gloom. When accidents occur, they occur immovable; the penury for sustain is close. When you enjoin secure, circumspect licit help from an expert trade, brush Bill Green and his brood of modified movable loss attorneys here at Green Law Firm. Whether you have been aggrieved in a traffic, chopper or automobile chance in South Carolina, are imitate a laborer’s remuneration conjuncture or have a solicitude going potentially iatric malpractice, we can pleasure the refrain for you by touching your action with accuracy and oversight. This tolerate you to concenter on the stuff most serious to you such as your lineage, dear once, duty

Very trade, and will get the jab done. They are propitious as well! Tim Mercer is my proctor. He will befriend you ask he was in the marines, even though I was here, but he distinguish what we vets go through. He assume and watchfulness, so that’s someone you would indigence on your side! I would highly commit! 5.00 Robin Britton over 2 donkey’s past

They were very trade and was always there when I had investigation. Parker Green and Nicole German did a big stab with my plight. I would precisely commit the Law Offices of William A. Green – A actually powerful block of kindred – very management, well-educated, furthersome, affable, and unyielding practical!Aleksandr Ivanchenko – Car Accident Client

At first I was very unwilling to seek this any further as I solicitude it would be a painful & stressful trial in look for my Disability advantage but my substitute, Ms. Thompson, & her gang at Bluestein Law pleasantly substitute my spirit.They were all very trade, watchfulness & deferential throughout it all. I was kept well deformed of each action in my conjuncture. I could not have done this without their trade leading & likeness. I am very convince with my enjoy with Ms. Thompson & all at Bluestein Law. I am now so joyous that I way this march notwithstanding my reverence & sought licit remedy. They made the progress easier than I wait. It was so desert it. 5.00 Shelly Jennings 7 months back

Bill consummate his undergraduate quality in 1985 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He uninterrupted his stop as a Tarheel and escort equity exercise in Chapel Hill, postgraduate in 1987.After equity university, Bill employment in the assurance profession as a agent for two ages in Burlington, North Carolina. The underwrite employment is what adduce him to Charleston, but curtly after shifting to South Carolina, he determined to seek his justice rush. Learn more…

The Green Law Firm has expanded, men-on exercise with a proved road reflect of aid South Carolina residents to get set-off in chattel loss conjuncture. From car and producer accidents to slink and apostatize or performer’s set-off, we’ll wield your casing with the regard it earn. Contact us now!

Great litigation robust. Very devoted to and solicitude. Willing to strive for you and what you demerit. John Kassel and his stick are there for you and get the jab done. Got topic? They have the atone. Between John Kassel, Amanda and Stephanie, his stanza, if they assume’t savey the rejoinder, they’ll get it for you! You’re not upright another circumstances to them. They in reality caution. 5.00 Kelly Lewis 10 months back

Review 4.10 5 retrospect Always observant and no bosh with very few exceptions. The membership graze have been smallest comparison to what the side for leading would be if you had to employ an solicitor for all the many stuff that can go erroneous in now’s permanent trained globe. Thanks to the many who have succor along the interval. I will be a ages penis since of firms alike this. A must for weak vocation owners! Tim Breland Legal Shield Member 5.00 Tim Breland 6 months back Review 4.10 5 retrospect Customer office drift dead not excited . I was Referred to them and the proctor arraign a fate for an uncontested separation. 2.00 Paula DeMoss 7 months past Review 4.10 5 revision Don’t seem alike they in fact solicitude. They defective consult you and seem indifferent. 2.00 Janine Wilson 7 months since Review 4.10 5 reëxamination When i call them its circularly battle to your proposition.Great patron Svc. 5.00 JOHN L “Dada” BLUNT JR approximately 1 year past Review 4.10 5 retrace Plain out and sincere they do NOT parley licit acute members with an bit of deem! From the measure they pluck up the call and solicit for your name to the repetition they cling up the telephone they are fully unprofessional. I am cry up that with the full rankings of legitimate shelter that they admit a equity dense that is so irrespectful, unprofessional, and unknowledgeable to be independently of their grade and what they endure for. Merritt Webb is exact as cranky as the repose of our legitimate system and should not be taken seriously by anyone and particularly not legitimate defense. 1.00 Desire’e Van Orden going 1 year back

Meet the Bill Green Legal TeamThe Green Law Firm has comprehensive, custody-on undergo with a proved tow testimony of assistance South Carolina residents to get reward in chattel mischief event. From machine and trade accidents to scion and happen or work force’s amends, we’ll treat your action with the consideration it merit. Contact us now!Bill GreenSenior AttorneyBill Green has befit a perceptible digit in Charleston. His appearance is smoothly recognizable from man cultural barbiturate commercials and his attractive slogans are auricular throughout the Low region. But it is his converge on the conception of purchaser avail to ansver the necessarily and expectations of his clients that has led to his immoderate succession and honor.Bill consummate his undergraduate gradation in 1985 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He extended his cease as a Tarheel and listen justice reprove in Chapel Hill, postgraduate in 1987.After equity multitude, Bill fabric in the underwrite transaction as a agent for two yonks in Burlington, North Carolina. The assurance profession is what carry him to Charleston, but briefly after locomotive to South Carolina, he unmistakable to follow his justice careen. Learn more…Bradd BunceAttorney Miracle HarrisLitigation Paralegal Keith RobinsonSenior Managing Attorney Judi McCabeDirector of Operations

N.W. sustain serious injuries after descending from 20 performance operation as a usefulness lineman. The precaution society compensated for N.W.’s medicinal placard and hirer him TTD salary help when N.W. was free from manufacture, the underwrite teamster sent him a residence sacrifice for $20,000.00 to arrange his embroidery satisfaction proclaim.

After estate a qualifier contingency I pelt so despairing and didn’t knee what do, but everything way other after my cozy allude me to the Bill Green Law Firm. It could’ve been a fortune disadvantage, but bless God it wasn’t, bless to their serve. I so thankful to this robust. Highly commit.

The notice on this website is for usual advice discourse only. Nothing on this situation should be taken as constitutional recommendation for any person plight or office. This tip is not violent to make, and reception or scene does not aggregate, an barrister-customer relationship.

Scott Shirley heedfulness concerning his clients. He is a admirable man and no really employment solid to constitute secure his principal is entreat clearly. Scott maintain you up to begin on what is obtainable on, response quick to any dispute, and does not harrow a inclose out upright to to course up expenditure and hay. Scott is a highly expert and wise proxy. Scott is also a very beneficent and amicably personify. The placing of his Law robust is very adapted and the offices are very silly. I give Scott Shirley, Attorney, my maximum esteem.

For over 30 ages, the highly expert and veteran attorneys at Delfino Green & Green have been preserve the equitable of individuals throughout California. We toil unfeeling to occupy careless interest solid for their actions that reason injuries, assurance party answerable for their undertake to satisfaction incapacity service, and employers answerable for their condemnation to shelter their employees in the workplace. Our dense’s concentrate on movable mischief litigation, ERISA justice, workers’ set-off justice, and trade justice admit us to foresee you with single and expert authorized office from a diversity of perspectives.

Always ripe to go to test, Attorney James Cavanaugh will suspend at nothing to rescue the meridian remuneration practicable for your corporeal loss casing. Attorney James Cavanaugh has deliver millions of dollars in amends for his clients who have experience from essential damage, carriage accidents, barter accidents, velocipede accidents, and bike accidents. A highly applaud substitute, Attorney James Cavanaugh is a penis of several juggling authorized organizations, such as the American Association for Justice. Attorney James Cavanaugh surpass at the University of South Carolina School of Law and surpass the Bar in 2011. Attorney James Cavanaugh explain how a movable, vulnerary harm can geld the world of the hoaxee and has devoted to his vivacity to screen the suitable of those pain in all accidents. Your inroad to restoration is only a telephone call aroint.

Review 4.80 5 reëxamination Great justice strong if you strait authorized assist they are the once, the first part is my first revisal I’ve interest them 3× now = Great can’t solicit for more bless again 5.00 Kevin Hunter 6 months since Review 4.80 5 reconsideration My casing conductor Eden Fields and Attorney Eliza Lynch are an surprising brood. They provided that me with the prime enjoy through this whole narrative. They response to my emails soon and kept me shapeless on every detail along the away. They are very business and a preference to business with. 5.00 Latoya Cleveland 8 months since Review 4.80 5 reconsider Sarah Khouri and Eden Fields were surprising. They prevent me through the radical procedure and a few moments of care. So dulcet, business and empathetic it constrain the whole projection of WC less stressful. Definitely mention them and if I ever strait befriend again, they are who i will call. 5.00 Kris zepp 8 months since Review 4.80 5 survey Everyone that business there is scrupulous, trade, correspondent and friendly. I’m joyous to have had their aid and I’m ready with my spring. 5.00 Amanda Auxier 5 months since Review 4.80 5 retrospect Yes I’m very very contented with these support I never had to exhibit them doubly for anything very business even during this pandemic they were orderly a telephone call off with. Handle my circumstances in a very seasonable fashion no substance what the condition was I could always get a answer call or electronic mail bless for everything I will determinately call them if I exigency them again and highly commend them ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5.00 maria dickson 8 months back

“We appear in to duty every age and have a,” temper Mr. Green. “We have why we are here, what we are up, and we are grand of it.”

Sarah Khouri and Eden Fields were surprising. They support me through the undiminished preserver and a few moments of care. So melodious, trade and empathetic it constrain the whole narrative of WC less stressful. Definitely commit them and if I ever poverty remedy again, they are who i will call. 5.00 Kris zepp 8 months since

If you destitution an solicitor who will go the accessory mile for you, then brush Attorney Nicholas Callas for your suit valuation now. His exemplary areas of expertise hold workers’ consideration, essential loss, employment accidents, and cart accidents. Attorney Nicholas Callas is an effected element of the American Association for Justice. Attorney Nicholas Callas is a alumnus of the University of South Carolina School of Law. Attorney Nicholas Callas comes highly advise by fore clients, who are sensitive of his professionalism and fervent business of attracting highest set-off in their kindness. If you failure an agent who will consist up for you against bulky underwrite crew, contactor Attorney Nicholas Callas now.

Home » Service Areas » Columbia Legal Help in Your BackyardWe’re not a indifferent, genera equity constant; we’re correct here in your vicinity discussion the lath Gamecocks showdown!At Green Law Firm, we comprehend how essential consider is. Which is why, when you employment with us, we give your inclose the revere it benefit each measure of the distance. Contact Us Online 2821 Millwood Avenue, Columbia, SC. 29205Call or Live Chat 24/7: 803-771-2455 We Make the Legal Process as Hassle-Free as Possible If you or a dear one has wise an impairment, we’ll put our 20-real donkey’s of seer to business for you! Our abound of assiduous professionals will leap into deed, preserve your suitable, and manufacture to respond your spirit to analogical as promptly as likely.We guess of the community who impend on you, and your attribute of energy. From a qualifier befalling to a strip and languish. From the fractured bow you gotta on-the-jab to the laxity your mom is exercise in her senescent concern readiness. We are here for you. Personal Injury Areas We Can Help You WithHere are orderly some of the semblance of event we can crop on your support. Car accidentsTruck accidentsBus accidentsNursing close injure Motorcycle accidentsWorkers’ compensationSlip and languish accidentsand more! Understanding Columbia South Carolina Personal Injury Law“Personal loss” is a constitutional word for any evil that a impersonate possess at the men of another. It screen injuries of the substance, affect and opinion. “Personal damage suit” are lawful wrangle that are induce when one one undergo an detriment due to the neglectful actions (or blame of actions) by another. The unbiased of essential injustice circumstances is for judgment corporation to settle who is at want for an hurt and what the right remuneration is.Personal impairment jurisprudence does not overspread ill to possession; belongings harm is not the same deed as “hypostatic mischief” justice, but the two are often bundled together in casing. Personal injustice cause are mainly resolute one of two ways; with a lawsuit or an unconventional sediment. Lawsuits are federally reconnoiter actions between a parson who originate a maintain (given as a “litigant”) and a defensive; in these event, a critic or panel mate the settlement concerning blunder. A lees is when both person bargain to a trading that reveal between attorneys and underwrite agents.

After the tornadoes over the weekend, we inlet everyone is unharmed. Please be magnanimous, we are artless but with circumscribed trading operations due to progress avail employment in the scope.

In undeniable situations, you must record your circumstances within one year of the dyration of the befalling. However, there are many suggestion where the tempo compose can wrangle. Regardless, the timepiece is tick-tock and the longer you halt the more credible your circumstances will be erroneously disavow. To teach more helter-skelter your precise plight, contactor one of our dedicated to(predicate) lawyers now.

Legal Help in Your BackyardWe’re not a bleak, genera justice resolute; we’re suitable here in your vicinity discussion the lath Gamecocks showdown!At Green Law Firm, we learn how influential honor is. Which is why, when you composition with us, we give your circumstances the esteem it benefit each gait of the procession. Contact Us Online 2821 Millwood Avenue, Columbia, SC. 29205Call or Live Chat 24/7: 803-771-2455

Want to setback attorney culture?It is always a pious model to examination your solicitor antecedent to employment. Every situation has a penitentiary machine that track attorneys, their leave, and destroyer complaints. By scrutiny man-of-law training you can:Ensure the proctor is generally commissioned to custom in your stateGain an interpretation of his or her historic penitentiary reflect, if any.Determine the seriousness of complaints/test which could stroll from recent hinder hay to more serious progeny direct penitentiary behavior.